A few years ago the idea of combining vintage beauty and contemporary design was not the dominant theme that it is now in fashion.  However, it was the driving force for me to get a new brand out in the world that celebrated the joy of the diversity that the Commonwealth, and indeed the world, offers.  Past, present, future.  There is so much to enjoy about being able to travel to new and exotic places – if only in our imagination – by seeing beautiful photographs or trinkets brought back from countries that we have never visited or have come to love.  Ma’am and Duke is all about celebrating the eras gone and yet to come, the diversity and delight of the world, and the pleasure of owning a little piece of beautiful jewellery, a soft leather bag or a coolly desirable silk scarf, that reminds us of the absurdity and utter pleasure of global life.  Each season we will visit a new country or continent and bring some of this joy to our collections. ‘Mary and Georgetown’  is the launch design and there are leather goods, scarves, jewellery, candles and sourced trinkets that will be available to purchase throughout the year…..

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